Terms and Conditions



1.1- We (KaraTech – Technology Services):  “We” or “KaraTech – Technology Services” refers to our company, which offers technology-related goods and services through this website or other means.

1.2- You: “You” pertains to the user or visitor of the KaraTech – Technology Services website and any individual or entity entering into an agreement to purchase goods or services from KaraTech – Technology Services.

1.3- Goods: “Goods” refers to the physical technology products, equipment, or materials offered for sale by KaraTech – Technology Services through this website or other sales channels.

1.4- Services: “Services” encompasses the technology-related non-tangible offerings, including but not limited to consulting, network installation, maintenance, IT support, and other technology-related services.

1.5- CSP (Contracted Service Provider): “CSP” refers to the Contracted Service Provider, a party responsible for installing and providing network services as specified in the Agreement.

1.6- Third Party:  “Third Party” refers to parties that may include but are not limited to external vendors, contractors, or any party not directly involved in the contractual relationship between KaraTech – Technology Services and The Client.


2.1 We submit all quotations and estimates and accept all orders subject to the following contract terms and conditions:

2.2 There will be a contract between us and you for the goods/services once we accept your order. 

2.3 Each order we receive and accept will be deemed to form a separate contract to which these terms of sale/service shall apply. 

2.4 Before any works/supply of goods are commenced, we require an official purchase order reference number.


3.1 A ‘quotation’ indicates that we are willing to supply goods/services at a specific price. 

3.2 No quotation is valid after (60) days from the release date. We reserve the right to invoice goods and services at the time of delivery/completion after this period has expired.

3.4 The prices are based on acceptable free access to the work areas at the agreed-upon contracted times and dates. If third-party delays or cancellations occur, a discretionary fee of ($75) per engineer hour will compensate for waiting time.

3.6 We reserve the right, at any time, to take into account increases in costs, including (without limitation) costs of agreed changes in any: 

3.6.1- Taxes, duties, levies, or exchange rates. 

3.6.2- Costs incurred due to site conditions, delays, interruptions, lack of information, or 

3.6.3- Costs incurred due to metal price increases or other factors beyond our control. 

3.7 All quotations are supplied by E & OE (errors and omissions excepted).


4.1- In line with the terms of the Agreement, CSP will install and allow you to use each link from its ready-for-use date for the term.

4.2- CSP shall use reasonable efforts to complete the network by the target completion date but will not be liable for any losses incurred due to installation delays.

4.3- You are responsible for preparing your premises for network installation, satisfying all CSP standards, and supplying essential electrical connections and facilities.

4.4- CSP will deliver CSP equipment at each Connection Point, and you are responsible for ensuring the appropriate room or working area for installation.

4.5- You undertake to obtain all required rights for CSP to access your or a Third Party’s premises for network installation.

4.6-You will be notified of the acceptance test date at least (14) working days in advance, allowing you to check the test results.

4.7- CSP will present you a completion certificate and other service handover documents for each link upon completion of the acceptance tests.


5.1- We may occasionally change the specifications of products or services as long as the change does not degrade the goods or services. If you ask us to change the specifications after you’ve placed your purchase, we may consider it at our discretion.

5.2- If, after making an order, you require us to work outside of our typical hours, an additional charge may be charged for this, which will be notified to you at the time.

5.3- If you desire to cancel your purchase after it has been placed, you may be required to pay us our projected loss on cancellation (including loss of reasonable profit). 


6.1- You will use your best efforts to ensure that the site and premises where we, our employees, and subcontractors may be required to work are safe and free of hazards. All known dangers on or near such sites and premises will be recognized and notified in writing.